Vaya Elite Graphite Colour 1000 Ml With Bagmat Lunch Box
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VacuTherm Technology: Double-walled high vacuum insulated stainless steel shell that helps keep food warm and fresh. Sleek: Compact oval design thinner than any other tiffin. Leak Resistant: Due to positive pressure seal container lids and latches on the side. Stainless Steel: The entire body as well as the containers are made of high quality stainless steel Stylish BagMat. Color: Graphite, Material: Stainless Steel, Shape: Oval Package , Contents: 2-Pieces Lunch Box Inner Container (300ml) and 1-Piece Inner Container (400ml) with BagMat Sling. Warranty: 1 year manufacturer's warranty Features: Brand : Vaya Category : Elite Type : Lunch Box Color : Graphite Colour Capacity : 1000ml

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