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HAVELLS UV PLUS 8 LTR UV WATER PURIFIERIts unique design is only of its kind that lets you to mount it in a corner. Featuring a compact design, it comes in a vibrant white and sky blue dual tone colour combination with a transparent water tank. Offers a unique 5-stage UV purification with germicidal UV-C protection for absolute safe drinking water. Revitalizer restructures water molecules for improved hydration, and mineral absorption.Product details• Brand: Havells• Model: UV Plus• Absolute Safety with Double Purification through UV and UF Water passes through the UV purification and then UF membrane to ensure absolutely safe and pure drinking water.• UF Membrane Removes algae, spores, cysts, bacteria, organic and inorganic polymeric molecules from water, and delivers excellent quality of crystal clear water.• Revitalizer It restructures the water molecules and makes it biologically active that improves the hydration and mineral absorption.• Compact Design with Flexible Mounting Only product that can be mounted in a corner, on a straight wall or table top.• Zero Splash Faucet Unique soft touch faucet: Benefits hygienic water, zero splash and smooth flow.• Product dimensions (H x D x W) in mm : 490 x 273 x 382• Net weight: Approx. 6 KG• Flow rate: Up to 30 litres per hour• Tank Capacity: Approx. 7 litres• Purification technology: UV & UF Technology• Purifying stages: 5 STAGES (UV+UF)• Material of construction for plastic components: Food safe• Power rating (max): 25 W• Pressure rating: 09-30 PSI• UV Lamp Power rating: 11 W• Power supply• Input voltage range: 230 V, 50 HZ• Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty• Note: Colors depends only on stock availability

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